Who am I? The consummate question. In words…. A writer, a mother, a lover, a friend, a photographer.

What do I do? I write works developed from characters that make appearances in my brain. Once there they set the scene and I write what I see following them in their lives as if I am watching a movie.

Why do I do this? Because I have lived most of my life doing what I thought I should do and found it lacking. Then after loss and tragedy I determined that this life is best lived when you do what you love and follow your heart. So that is why I write…because I love it.

What else do you do? I love to take photographs. To wander with my camera, especially in cities, seeing the people and finding the beauty in not always the obvious. I read, be a mom to my blended family of six kids, three grandchildren (two are almost here), and loving the man of my dreams.  I love coffee, chocolate mousse, friends, laughter, and vodka.

What made you write? I always wrote in journals and some poems (probably pretty bad ones) but it wasn’t until I lost my mother to cancer, my dad remarried quickly, and my husband left me that I realized that I had been lost behind everyone else’s idea of who I should be. I began writing about the journey to find myself ( I know..so new agey) and what I discovered is that happiness is within your reach if you choose to be brave and courageous and go get it.  That writing turned into my first book and led me to the characters of my first novel and the nine following novels.

Why do you blog? Because its necessary. I want to find those readers who are interested in characters living an interesting and sometimes confusing life. I want to find the readers who love the escape of a good story and will have to pull themselves away from the people the come to love in a book.  I want to find the readers that sigh when they turn the last page of a story and wish for more.  That is why I blog.

Lorena Bathey


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