Okay I have written more that six blog posts in the last three days trying to post my blog and every single time it won’t work. I take a deep breath and think, okay, maybe I wasn’t supposed to talk about that.

But what I am trying to discuss is important. It’s about doubt. Specifically, doubting yourself. 

Doubing yourself can be so impactful. It can decide your future. I’ve spent the majority of my life doubting. It wasn’t always me that created the doubts, often I was listening to others and absorbing their doubts as my own. But this summer I decided to work through all that. This summer I was going to become doubt and insecurity free.

I leave tomorrow on a spritual retreat because I knew with this much work I needed some help. And I’ve had the Universe’s tests and challenges course to get through, too. And I made it through. 

So, why now? 

Because I have set some lofty goals and to obtain those goals I need to clean out the cupboards, closets, and storage spaces in my soul. I have to, once and for all, release the negative that clings to me making sure I don’t succeed. Yes,  my friends, we are usually the biggest reason we don’t succeed.

But no longer, because I plan to stand on the Oscar stage having my statue handed to me by last year’s winner of Best Screenplay. To do that means I need to move out the old and unwanted doubts and insecurities, wash everything clean, paint the walls, and get ready for the amazingness to come.

So who’s with me? Isn’t there something you want that you just can’t get because something, or someone (

 you) is holding you back?

See technology tried to keep me from speaking my peice, and doubt played with me as I had to face the insecurity gauntlet, but here I am a seventh time to actually post this blog. 

Join me in never letting anything steal your dream. Join me in banishing doubt and insecurities. And I’ll see you at the Oscars….where will you be?



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