Dog days of Summer at the Beach

floating cars edited

Took while strolling on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Summer implies vacation. It inspires eating ice cream. And of course, a part of every summer when I was a kid was going to the beach. Living in Northern California and close to San Francisco, our beach of choice was Santa Cruz.

The day we spent would start early because we’d have to travail through Hwy 17 and traffic was inevitable. Once we made it over the hill and landed in the small town of Santa Cruz, our hearts began to beat with the thrill of the ocean and the rides at the Boardwalk.

If you’ve seen the older movie, The Lost Boys, then you’ll become very familiar with the location. That movie, by the way was our Twilight and introduction to vampires as the boy next door.IMG_1945

During this foray to the beach we’d bake in the sun a little. Eat taffy, corn dogs, and ice cream. Then we’d go on the rides. It was more than just fun, often it was the opportunity to sit close to the boy you liked but couldn’t tell him how much you did. Much young love blossomed in the white wood roller coaster called, The Big Dipper.


My granddaughter and I on the Ferris wheel.

As I got older we didn’t go to The Boardwalk anymore. In fact, my most recent visit was with my teenage kids, fiancée, and grandkids. But, as soon as I stepped on the Boardwalk I could smell the suntan lotion (okay, it was sunscreen but in my brain smelled like my orange gelee Bain de Soleil with a spf of 4) and my mouth started watering for anything fried.


What is a summer memory for you that you will never forget?

Have you returned to the place of your youthful indiscretions in a whole new way?
Let me know…I want to live vicariously.

Lorena Bathey


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