Summertime and the Living is Easy?


Summer on San Francisco Bay

Summer dawns and there is a collective breathing out. The kids are out of school so no more frenzied mornings getting food into children’s mouths, said kids out the door, and yourself to wherever you have to be.

The first morning where kids sleep in is wonderful. You can fill your mug with coffee and sit at the table in thought. Silent thought.

The weather warms. Some go on vacation. The nights stay lighter longer.

Many want to get away and take a breath from their lives. However, they can’t because of commitments. How can you enjoy a recoup without breaking the bank or taking too much time?

Simple. Choose one weekend out of the summertime to do only things you want to do. Block off the weekend. Make no other plans. Black it out.

Then only plan things you want to do. Sleep in. Make pancakes. Talk a walk. Go swimming. Spend time with your kids. Or don’t. Have a bar-b-que. Eat ice cream (or frozen yogurt). Sleep in a tent in your backyard or living room. Make smore’s.

Whatever feels like summer to you. That’s what you do.

You’ll be amazed how a weekend of doing only what you want can decompress. It will boost you up and give you the deep breath you need. The chance to move away from the de rigor and play summertime hooky will fill up your tank and let you coast through summer’s playful time.

Let me know what activities are summer to you.

Lorena Bathey



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