Monster cupcakes my daughter made for my grandson’s birthday!

It’s a dirty word. It’s a self-help tag word. It’s different depending on your age. But fear is a slippery slope that can take you down if you let it.

When I was little I thought that a monster was under my bed at night. If I turned on my side while sleeping during the night, then the monster would come up from under the bed and shoot me. So, for most of my youth I would go to sleep flat on my back, arms to my side, covers pulled up to my nose, and a blanket over the top of my head. Sounds comfy, huh?

I would check every night under my bed before I got in. I KNEW that there really wasn’t a monster under my bed, but when the lights went out all that logic went out, too.

Now, I’m a grown up. And while I’m not afraid of the monster under my bed anymore, I am afraid of grown-up fears. Inadequacy. Financial disaster. Health issues. Losing those you love. These are much bigger monsters.

The question is, am I still lying flat on my back with the covers pulled up and a blanket over my head? And if I was, would that really save me from the monsters?

No. The monsters will come. No matter what you do monsters created from fear always come to us. Not just once, mind you, but over and over again. How we vanquish our fear is how we are best able to reign over the monsters.

For me, I had to really spend time revamping the voices in my head. Because these voices are game changers. They are all the bad things you’ve ever heard or thought about yourself running on a loop 24/7. I had to disengage from that loop. It was constant re-writing and then listening to my heart instead which is so much smarter.

You’ll never vanquish fear. You have to use it to get you where you want to be. Whether it’s to turn fear around and motivate yourself with courage. Or maybe being brave and just diving right in and facing whatever the obstacle is. Whatever way you choose, you will find you come out stronger and much smarter.

This process slowly allows you to take a new attitude towards the monsters hiding in your life. It becomes a “come and get some” attitude that gives you the strength to get over and through whatever life throws at you.





2 thoughts on “Fear.

  1. My fear monger has been cleverly disguised as overwhelm. I literally had to disconnect from just about everything for the last 10 days and do some serious slaying. I had to listen to my heart and allow her to lead.

    Great post Lorena!


    • Good for you, Peggy. Slaying dragons takes focus and dedication so that you can be prepared with a sharpened axe and a strong shield. I am sure they went vanquished to their caves liking their scales!
      You are triumphant!

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