Hero. Part 1

In today’s fast-paced, gotta have it now, can’t wait more than a minute society it is nice when a hero arises that we can hold up and say, Yeah, Dude!


Man Drums hand painted flame drum kit! http://www.ManDrums.com

Today that hero is Dave Grohl. Now don’t freak out, he’s a rock star. Yes, my hero right now is a rocker.

Why is Mr. Grohl my hero? Because every time I hear about him, this guy is keeping it real. He’s being kind. He’s talking about music, art, and people.  He comments from his experience of how teaching yourself to play instruments, playing in your garage, and NOT using Autotunes (like how the greats did it) is how music comes from the heart.

I know people disagree with him. I don’t.

I think our society has lost a lot of creativity searching instead for the almighty buck. Instead of creating from your angst, pain, or joy everyone is looking for to make the next 50 Shades of Gray book series or a song where the computers do more work than the singer. With this greed we’ve lost the amazing talent where creativity comes from.

This belief system is slowly undermining our world, it certainly is our children. When they clamor for Miley Cyrus instead of really hearing the beauty of Nina Simone. The quality is disappearing for the quantity.

I recently saw Dave’s documentary, Sound City. (which I highly recommend) This is his journey to save the Neve console where bands created some of the most iconic sounds in music. Bands like Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot…etc., rocked it out without the help of computers and created sounds that are raw, real, and in my opinion, amazing. His reason for buying this board and moving it to his own studio was not as a museum piece, but because he wanted to use it to create that raw sound again.

What makes Mr. Grohl my hero is that he is real.

There is so much fakery today. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian rise in this society for all the wrong reasons. So because I love that Dave Grohl still rocks out with the Foo Fighters in dive bars on random nights, realizes that he’s not a rock star to his kids, and managed to create the first Foo Fighter’s album all by himself to deal with the death of his friend, Kurt Cobain, is why he is my hero.

Check him out. Then tell me if he’s now your hero too!










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