Being in the moment!

People say all the time you gotta be in the moment, but what does that mean?

For me, being in the moment means being fully present. That means turning off the checklist in my brain that I constantly have running.

It means putting the camera, phone, iPad, computer and anything with an electric current away. Remember before you had all these instruments you just did this archaic thing called, remembering.

????????I find that sometimes I am so busy documenting whatever it is I’m doing that I don’t really enjoy or feel what is going on. I have started putting the camera away and just being there. Letting my mind take mental pictures and reliving them later in my memory.

We have the most amazing technological instrument of all time that resides with us constantly. It’s always downloading the newest version. It’s your brain. Your thoughts. Your memory.

Try it for me, just once. Go to an event, performance, wherever and don’t take your phone or camera. Instead, just watch everything. Take it all in with your eyes. Breathe deeply to capture the scent. Feel what’s around you. If there’s food or drink, enjoy it slowly.

Then see how long you remember that moment and how that memory will connect with your heart making it engrained in your soul. This will never leave you and it will never be accidentally erased or lost.

Try it…I think you’ll like it.



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