When Live Gives You Lemons.


We’ve all heard that phrase, probably more times than we can count. And every time you hear it you nod your head cause you know…yes, you get lemons.

Question I have is: What do you make with those lemons when you get them?

Do you stand there with the bag of lemons and wonder what the heck you should do with them? Do you whine and moan about these hard to work with balls of juice while holding them up and looking at them? Does your rumination turn into inaction and puzzlement as you wonder what to do with this sour fruit? Does this inaction just leave you to be holding more bags of lemons until you’re surrounded by the yellow fruit?


Do you make a pan of lemon bars out of the lemons? Do you put your industry to work and turn those lemons into something satisfying and delicious? Do those lemons become something you can repurpose in your life and possibly share with others?


Do you (and this would be my option of choice) take those lemons and squeeze the juice out of them, add some vodka, simple syrup and a sugared rim and drink those lemons down? Do you invite your friends, colleagues, or even strangers over to make sure that there are no more lemons when you’re done and instead there is happiness and lots of talking about taking vacations to Italy?

How you handle the twists and dips of life is how your life is made. You have control over only one thing, how you respond to things.

So…what will you make with your lemons?



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