Lying is bad…and Other Things We Should Know

It’s astounding to me when people lie. I know…you’re thinking well I told that white lie to get out of going to that event. I know that at times in our life, we have lied. And perhaps the right/wrong factor is shades of grade. But I’m not talking about that “white lie” stuff.

I’m talking about looking in me in the eye and tell me a lie.

I have teenagers….ahhh some of you say I understand what you’re talking about now. Those who don’t, remember when you were a teen and what you thought you could get away with…tried to get away with?

But it’s not just my teenagers who think they can outsmart me with falsehoods. It’s grown men and women. They lie to my face, they even get caught in said lie, and still…there is no fault.

IMG_1933 (413x550)I’m not perfect. I’m no saint. I ain’t an angel. I have foibles and flaws. But I try, to the best of my ability to be honest, kind, and caring to those around me. It doesn’t sit right with me if I don’t.

And so in this society where it seems like everyone from banks, corporations, government, and fast food is lying, how do we stay strong in the truth?

Part of it is making sure you have your moral compass set to north. If lying doesn’t sit well in your soul, then you probably won’t do it. But more than that, don’t be afraid to tell someone, “Hey, I can’t make your event because I have to stay home and relax after my crazy week.”

Being strong enough not to lie means you can be strong enough to tell the truth.

And the truth of the matter is that most people get caught when they lie. Call it karma, payback, whatever you want. Basically when you do wrong, it very often comes back to you. Just saying.

As for me, I’ll continue to keep it real.






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