Not gonna lie, things have been tough this last year. It seems that life is just punching the poop out of me. I stand up, cause that’s what I do, and “WHAM” another hit. But I keep standing up. Keeping the faith. Being positive. All those things you’re supposed to do when life hands you a you-know-what-sandwich.

SONY DSCSo today I stepped outside to the sunny side of the yard when this huge butterfly came right at me. It almost hit me in the forehead and then it swooped up at the last minute and flew off. Two seconds later it made another pass over me. Weird?

I thought back to animal symbolism and how it always seems to have something to tell me. I ran inside and looked up butterfly on Whats Your Sign.com. The site told me how much change butterflies go through in such a quick amount of time. How transformation comes with pain and challenges. But mostly how all this will be worth it.

Okay, I felt that. It completely jived with what my life has been like. But more than that, it gave me hope.

Hope is powerful and heady stuff. Hope is what you can survive on. Hope is the fudge in your sundae. Hope is what it’s all about. Without hope there is sheer desolation. Without trusting that someone up there loves you and has a plan even thought you can’t see what it is…you’ll need Life Alert.

Today hope came to me as a butterfly almost crashing into my head. I guess you could say that someone wanted to make sure I was paying attention.

What has given you hope today? Please let me know, I love to see where hope lives.

Thank you,



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