The 24 Rule

So I have been working on patience. It’s an ever-loving battle that I find myself wrestling with. But I thought up this great tactic that helps…A LOT!

It’s easy to remember. It’s 24. Like the hours of the day. Or the amazing t.v. series with Keifer Sutherland  that will be back in May. (commercial break peeps) 24. You can remember that, right?

If you are in a discussion, argument, or conversation and you’re afraid you might say the wrong thing. Take 24 seconds. Deep breath, let your mind think, then respond. If that seems awkward, say to the other person. “I need a second…or 24.”

That time allows you to make sure you don’t say something you can’t take back. It also lets your emotions settle so that you are speaking clearer and with better intention.

Next is 24 minutes. If you see a great shirt, jacket, piece of jewelry, or anything you want but feel you shouldn’t buy, wait 24 minutes. Go get a coffee. Stop at a book store ( if you can find one).  Step away from the item. If in 24 minutes you still want it, and can afford it, then go get it.


Famous Irish Coffee from Buena Vista Cafe

24 Hours. This is the big one and can be used in all of the above ways, too. But if you want to buy a car. Maybe sign a contract. Pay for that big PR company to do your company promos…take 24 hours to make sure the decision is solid.

If after 24 hours you forgot what you were going to do. Then obviously it wasn’t for you. But in that time span you will know if the decision is the right one or not. Always be willing to walk away and think about something, especially if it is a life changing decision.

24. Easy as pie. So try it out and see what you think. Let me know if you use it and what happens.







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