Change is Good!


I decided to change. Change my blog, which I love to do. Make it short, sweet, and things I’ve learned. ‘Cause I’m at an age where I think you can deem me wise. I’ve lived. I’ve hurt, loved, lost, cried, laughed, traveled, made good decisions…made poor ones. And now I think my journey can help.

I started out writing a book called, Happy Beginnings: How I Became My Own Fairy Godmother.I told my story up till then. I helped some people. But I really helped myself. I found my passion. Writing. Photography.

Now, I want others to learn that change is good. It’s harder than hell, but it’s good. So today…what would you change. Not everything, don’t create a four page list. Pick one thing, one small thing, and change that.

Start small to grow big.

I don’t need to tell you what it is you need to change. You know it, probably paid therapists, guru’s, and life coaches to find out what it is. Even though you always knew before. But now that you’ve exhausted the figuring out part…let’s move to the do it.

Be Nike …just do it. And do it for 7 days. Not one or two. Not it 7 full days. You an commit to that, can’t you. Keep a log. Write it down. Find an app for it. Whatever it takes.

But do it. Then in ten days, see how you feel.

Let me know what it is. I will follow up with you. Write in the comments and I’ll check in seven days from now to see how you’re feeling.

Come on…I dare you.




6 thoughts on “Change is Good!

  1. Sorry sweetie right now I am so stressed out with work that I can’t even think so I won’t be doing much when I get home or sit down or anything. I will however let you know that when this horrible month is over I’ll work on something! Love you

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