Do Judge a Book by its Cover: More Than Just Flourishes and Fonts Part 2


English: book cover of German Reader's Digest ...

English: book cover of German Reader’s Digest collection book, 1988. simple shape cover design Deutsch: Buchdeckel von Reader’s Digest Auswahlbücher, Bestseller-Sonderband 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Book covers have such an impact on a reader. They are the first feeling, inkling, or insight into what the book they are looking at is like. The cover will evoke the mood for your reader and prepare them to read the story you’ve written, therefore, it’s a very important aspect of your work.


After you’ve combed the bookstores and found the look you like then you need to decide how to get that look.


Graphic Designer/Book Designer:  These people can be invaluable, not only for your cover design, but to create your platform that as an author you need to have. You want your look consistent, so once you’ve found a designer you can work with, have them help you create all your collateral and marketing material.


‘Buy A Cover’ Websites: These sites have started popping up all over. Its a simple and rather ingenious idea really. They have designers that create covers and then you find one that works for your book and input your personal information and for a reasonable price (I’ve seen $50-70 price ranges so far)  you’ve got your cover and the design is retired so they don’t resell it.


Find an Artist: Think outside the box and find an artist you like and see if they will paint you a design for your cover. This can be a win/win for both of you as it gives the artist exposure and something for their portfolio and it gives you a unique cover. It can also be economical if you have a young artist that wants exposure.


This is just three ideas to begin creating a cover that will not only get readers to pick up your book, but get them to open it and start reading.


Next installment: Cover Design: What’s Love Got to do With it? Part 3


If you got something good here, please follow me (at the end of the page) as I delve into the world of not only the self-published author but give tips that traditionally published authors should be thinking about as well.


Lorena Bathey


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