Does Bravery still exist?

Bravery…what does this word mean? To me it means action in the face of fear. Like soldiers who are afraid to join into battle, but do so anyway. That is the highest pinnacle of bravery. Or mother’s that step in front of danger for their children. That’s bravery.

I am sad to see that bravery doesn’t show it’s face much today. Often times people are more afraid that they might upset someone or cause unwarranted attention that they forget to take a step forward and say or do something.

But the biggest tragedy of the loss of bravery is in your own life.

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be a dancer, astronaut, race car driver, or cowboy. There were not limits. You truly thought you could do any, or maybe even all, of those jobs.

But as we grow up, face reality, and find ourselves responsible for bills and mortgages we also find that our bravery wanes and we end up doing what we think we should, rather than what we really want to do. What if that changed? What if you put bravery first and changed your life? What do you think would happen?

I made such a decision and decided to become a full-time novelist. Believe me I had plenty of people saying, ‘What the heck do you think you’re doing?’ But I had an equal number of people saying, ‘Good for you!’ Yes, it’s a risk being brave. Yes, things can go bad…but they can also go amazingly good.

So, if you’re life is not satisfiying and you feel like you’re on a gigantic treadmill, how about jumping off and trying something brave. Change your work maybe and do what you love. Or move somewhere new. Write that book. Take those pictures. Go on that trip.

This is it people…your life. You may be fearful to make change, but if you do it anyway then you’re living brave.

Lorena Bathey

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Dial-in Number: (805) 399-1000 Access Code: 965353#

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6 thoughts on “Does Bravery still exist?

  1. This is a great topic – and I relate even more because your act of bravery involved writing. A lot of people write about fear, but it’s refreshing to think in terms of the positive value. I’ve never been comfortable with risk taking but I now see the merit in challenging myself. A few steps beyond my comfort zone might be a tiny bravery compared to many, but each step moves me forward.

    • Judy, every step is progress! I don’t believe there are little steps because if you move out of your box it’s scary and even a toe outside can bring huge change into your life! Kudos to you!

  2. I think one of the bravest things I ever did was take a break from working to write my book. Originally I thought 6 months would be sufficient to do what I wanted to do, but it turned into 3 years. So hats off to you, sister writer. You are brave, indeed, and the whole world will benefit.

    • Vicki, thank you so much. I LOVE what I do. It’s hard work but I know that I am doing the right thing. When I close my eyes at night I am peaceful. And that’s a big thing. Have to get past the naysayers so thank you for being a YAYsayer for my decision!

  3. I love this! I believe that some of us have been so consumed by fear that they forgot what it truly means to be brave.In my opinion, we used to be more brave a few centuries ago, the best example I have is William’ Wallace on the movie braveheart , an epic history of courage, thanks for sharing!

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