Remember Letters?

Letter from Caleb

Letter from Caleb (Photo credit: kylesteed)

In this world of texting, email, and Facebook I miss letters. Don’t you?

Remember when you were kids and you would write notes in school. They’d be short questions of ‘where do you want to eat lunch today?’ or ‘Do you think Jimmy likes me?’ but they were words that we smiled over, laughed about, and sometimes cried over.

Then I remember my first love letters. I had a boyfriend in high school and he used to write me letters. Sometimes he’d just write the lyrics to our special songs, but even that made my heart flutter.

Words. They had such power and could change not only our emotions, but  the course of our lives. Who we loved. What college we got into. Did we get that interview.

Now I find that I text more than I write letters. There are short cuts like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’. Shorthand has replaced words like luxurious, penchant, and dichotomy. LOL is used in conversations. And the amount of Christmas cards I receive every year is dwindling.

I miss hand written letters with envelopes addressed by individuals I care about. Admit it, when you find a written letter in your mailbox, isn’t it the first thing you open?

Lorena Bathey


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One thought on “Remember Letters?

  1. I agree. I love getting and sending letters. The sad thing about texting is it leaves nothing physical behind–like your boyfriend’s letters, or the stack of love letters that my dad wrote my mom in college. So precious.

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