Woo hoo….I’m not alone!

Have you ever prayed…asked for a sign that what you are doing is right?  Have you then waited and watched every aspect of your day waiting for that sign to appear not sure what it will be?   You spend the day seeing things and say to yourself, “Was that it?  Was that the sign?”

Did you ever play the….”If I see 4 blue cars by the time I get to my driveway then I will get what I want?”….game?

I have been doing that a lot recently.  And those who know me would find that surprising.  But it seems that no matter how tuned in you are there are times when the human part of you worries and needs validation or at least some sort of sign that it’s right…..the way your moving and the path you are taking…it’s right.

So yesterday I was perusing a new writing site that I have found and I had posted something similar to my “woe is me” blog and I received a reply.  And this reply was so dead on to following bliss and being what you love that I had to read it three times.  She had decided and then did the thing she loved.  She changed where she lived and learned to live on less so that she could follow her bliss.  And even better the Universe worked with her to give her what she needed. 

There it was….my sign!

Of course, I wrote the person and said THANK YOU for that validation.  I don’t know the lady who wrote back but it was blaringly obvious to me that the  Universe was saying, “See, someone is doing what you want to do and they’re not only happy, they’re ecstatic.” 

So, gone are the worries and doubts (at least for today).  In fact, right now I am waiting for a friend that wants me to write a book based on their life.  We start the research today.  Even more, little jobs and trickles of money keep coming in my door.  Not a lottery check of millions but enough to pay the bills that I need to pay.

Everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone wants to do things that make them happy.  My advice to you is to take a page from Nike and “Just do it”!

Who knows if we come back again and again to live different lives or if this is our one shot of enjoying this thing called life, what I do know is that I never want to be the one who plays it safe. 

I want to make the mistakes, fall on my knees, get cut and scraped and end up at the finish line bruised, battered, beaten, smeared with dirt, hair a mess and the biggest smile on my face. 

So today and everyday I will choose the bliss.  What about you?


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