What a difference a day makes!

So yesterday came the decision…..today the living in the decision!

I woke up this morning and visualized.  I pictured a home that was built by two people in love to house their dreams.  And part of that dream was the room that I write in.

It is a beautiful room off of the master bedroom.  It has open windows with a door leading from the bedroom into it.  Upon entering the first thing you see is the view out the front wall of french doors.  The beauty of vines, green, and growth.  That’s what I look upon when I write.

In front of me is a beautiful wooden desk curved in shape.  Upon it sits a laptop, a carafe with water, a finished manuscript back from the publisher and ready for my okay.  A framed copy of me with a copy of the letter from the New York Times congratulating me on having a best seller.  And a vase full of roses that grew in my garden outside.   On my left is my mail with letters from Sandra Bullock asking to purchase my first book to produce as a movie, Hillary Swank wanting my second book to produce for a movie, request to speak for three corporations, and an invitation to appear on Ellen De Generes television show.

To the side are bookcases filled with memories made, books, and photos of family and friends.  In front of my desk is a chaise lounge (I’ve always wanted one) a table and an overstuffed chair that welcomes a book and some reading time. 

There are flowers growing in pots on the small flagstone patio outside the french doors.  There sits two comfy chairs to sit and contemplate and plenty of room available to walk and think. 

This room is my room of words, thoughts, characters, nuances, guises, and muses.  It is a room of creation that I have furnished and already feel comfortable in.  It is the room where my stories take shape and my characters come to life. 

It is the room I am excited to inhabit!  Now that I see it…..it can be!


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