It’s a brand new day!

Yesterday I made a decision.  I decided not to be safe. 

I have always lived my life the way I thought it should be lived…..rather the way others expected me to live.  And it wasn’t until about nine years ago when my Mom died of cancer that I realized that my life lived that way was wasted.  I wasn’t happy and truly I wasn’t  living but existing. 

Making that change was tough but I did it and the Universe further pushed me by taking away all the foundations that I had built my life on so I could build new ones. 

And I did build new ones.  I got tough and wrote a book and published it myself and created a career helping others.  I loved it.  But it seemed that what I did with that is quit on it.  Why?  My only deduction can be is that I was scared.  I mean I had talked to a producer at Oprah and she loved my stuff.  I believe that somewhere in me my fear squelched the chance I had created.

So I am taking my second chance now.  I am starting over.  I have decided that writing is what I truly love.  The words, sentences, phrases, characters, and story is what I love to do.  So, that’s what I’m gonna do…..starting now.

This is a new blog.  This is my story starting over again.  Second chances do exist and once given it is a do or die situation. So you are going to privy to my decision to take the scary path, the path less traveled, the path I took once and turned around on.

Today is a new day….a brand new day with a vision that I will not fail at.  So, come along with me.  Post your comments about my choices and encounters.   I hope that in some way maybe I can inspire you to take a second chance too!

Lorena Bathey, Author


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